My Me-Made-May 2020 |It’s a wrap

It’s the 1st of June today so that is the end of My Me-Made-May 2020. It felt a bit weird this morning that I could freely choose something from my closet to wear. Unlike the last 30 days when I had to choose something from the wardrobe capsules I composed for this Me-Made-May 2020.

My Me-made-may 2020

So this weird month—I call it the one-and-a-half meter month— is over. That means I finished my third wardrobe capsule of this year. Read below how it went!

My third capsule: ‘Everything goes!’

Oops! I did it again! I managed to dress 10 days with 10 different outfits using 10 garments from the ‘Everything goes!’ capsule.

wardrobe capsule
A 100% me-made ‘Everything goes!’ capsule

I documented my outfit every day with a photo on Instagram. Below you see them with Day 1 in the right bottom corner.

My Me-made-may
10 ‘Everything goes!’ outfits

How did I feel about the ‘Everything goes!” capsule?

I enjoyed this capsule! I had no problem finding pairings and I felt good with every outfit. The fact that it was 100% me-made capsule brought me even more joy!
Also, because there were two one-pieces in this capsule the outfit choices didn’t become tedious like with the previous capsule.

New combinations?

Except for the days that I only wore my dress or my jumpsuit, all the other outfits were new combinations. How am I so sure about that? In hindsight, I think it’s because I mostly paired an older garment with a newer sewed garment.

Top sewed in 2016 paired with the mashup skirt from 2019.

My Me-Made-May 2020 Wrap

Just like last year, I loved my approach to Me-Made-May. As I wear me-made clothes for 99% of the time I need a bit of a challenge for this month. So creating 3 wardrobe capsules with my me-made clothes turns it into the right challenge for me.

I’m satisfied with how it went. And I’m even excited about the bonuses the challenge brought.
* The discovery of new, and for me good, pairings. 26 days of 30 I wore a never worn before combination and I loved it.
* A renewed love for garments I lost interest in. I think especially of the woolen cache-coeur and the Kabuki Tees.

New Love!

I also learned a bit more about putting together a capsule. It is important to differentiate the type of garments. Like in the second capsule I didn’t include a one-piece (a dress or a jumpsuit) and that makes the possible combinations less exciting.

The it garment: the Venus robe

When I was selecting the pieces for the third capsule I needed a layering top. I have some self-made cardigans but they are too warm to wear them in May. That’s when my eye caught the Venus robe again. It had already been in both previous capsules and I thought it would be fun to make it a part of every capsule.

My Me-made-may
Venus Robe x6


Although we are living in these weird corona times now I loved Me-Made-May 2020. Creating three new wardrobe capsules and trying out all these new outfits made me happy. So happy that I’m now absolutely convinced I will do it again next year.
Come and see me in Me-Made-May 2021!

My Me-made-may
Me-Made-May 2020 Best Nine

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