MIY March 2017 – Sewing Community

MIY March 2017

MIY March is an Instagram photo challenge for the sewing community. It is hosted by Wendy Ward with the help of Emma from Dressmaker’s Social. This year is the third edition going on—for me the second one that I participate in—and it is inspiring and fun. Like Wendy puts it:

“Yes, that month-long shenanigans that involves us all running around getting friends, family and ourselves to take photos of us, us in our makes, our makes artfully arranged on tables, us in our sewing caves and more is back for another month of sewing photo fun.”


Sewing Community

Today’s theme is the community. I always sew alone and I don’t have sewing friends or attend sewing meetups in real live. But I write about it on my—still very young—blog. This gives me inspiration, challenges me and offers me support. So thank you, all.

Here you can read all my posts about the sewing community.

Sewing Community


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