I ❤️ the Bombazine oven mitt

It started with a joke. On a family pizza night, our daughter exclaimed that she would give us some oven mitts as a Christmas present. Because she burned herself by pulling out the pizza’s and we didn’t have mitts. “That’s not necessary” my husband answered out of the blue, “because your mom—that would be me— just sewed one for everybody!” I sighed: “Oh baby, now you’ve spoilt the surprise.” Everybody laughed of course, little did they know I hadn’t sewed any oven mitts at that point. A few days later I discovered the Bombazine oven mitt on their site. Now I laughed too because no longer I had to search for my Christmas gifts. So that’s why I sewed 11 Bombazine oven mitts.

Bombazine oven mitt

The Bombazine oven mitt pattern

The Bombazine mitt pattern is a free downloadable pdf-pattern. It only has four pages: two with instructions and two for the pattern. So you print and tape together the pattern in a blink of an eye! You use the same pattern piece for the three layers of the mitt. Simple and easy!

Bombazine oven mitt


The fabric

The Bombazine mitt is THE project to use up your leftovers. I used a combination of leftovers from sewing projects, pieces of old jeans of the kids, and pieces of fabric from the thrift shop. I sewed together some of the scraps with a medium weight and then I cut out the outer pieces.

Bombazine oven mitt

For the heat insulation layer, I used an old woollen blanket. Bombazine oven mitt

For the inner lining, I used leftovers from cotton fabric.Bombazine oven mitt

The sewing process

Sewing the Bombazine mitt is a joy! The instructions, with designs, are very clear and easy to follow.
New for me was hand quilting the layers together with sashiko stitches. I have never done this before but I love learning new techniques. The stitches are still wonky but I like doing it.
Bombazine oven mitt


After sewing the outside of the mitt, you sew together the lining but you leave a gap near the top. Later you pull the outside layer of the mitt through this gap.
Sewing together the three layers can be a little difficult. When an opening of a pattern piece is small I always sew on the inside. This prevents sewing accidentally wrong layers together.Bombazine oven mitt


According to the instructions, the trickiest step would be bagging the mitt (or ‘mitt birthing’). I found this not so difficult. The woollen layer is easy to handle and pull through the gap.
After the birth, you finish with topstitching the edge of the mitt and a good press.

bombazine oven mitt
‘mitt birthing”
Bombazine oven mitt
These mitts need only the finishing topstitch of the edge.



I enjoyed myself tremendously sewing these mitts. Due to the great design and the easiness of the sewing process, they came out fantastic. And giving them as a Christmas present was pure fun. Everybody had a laugh and they were very happy with them.

Will I sew more Bombazine mitts? Definitely! They will also make a perfect 2018 Secret Valentine gift.
So thank you Bombazine ladies for this cute free pattern.

Bombazine oven mitt Bombazine oven mitt Bombazine oven mitt


12 thoughts on “I ❤️ the Bombazine oven mitt

  1. Very nice. I think a pair of these mitts would make a nice add-on gift for a bridal shower, too. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Thanks for the link to the pattern… I was just washing the Ikea one I have but it doesn’t insulate very well. I tried making one a while ago and while it was very insulating I cut the thumb bit out a bit small and I couldn’t use it. I’ll use this pattern to make some new ones. Maybe even for gifts…

  3. Ah great. That is some commitment to make 11 though!! I was just looking at the burn marks on my pair where my mister set them on fire on the gas stove. Debating whether to make some or to buy a nice print from a local designer. Decisions! Good problem to have

  4. Hello Wis! Thank you for such a thorough review of our humble Mitt pattern. Look at the beauties you created – each is clearly one of a kind and a labour of love. May they be used and scorched and loved and lost and found and worn through handling delicious home cooked food. Thanks again. Klarissa

  5. Am I missing something? Im on your page for Bombazine oven mitt, but don’t see download, or link to pattern.
    Thanks, Rosie Riley

  6. Lovely ,I have problems with where the thumb meets the forefinger ,always have a little hole , any suggestions?

    1. Hi Mattie
      I always reduce my stitch length to 2 when I sew this curve. I take it slowly and lift my presser foot a bit. I hope this helps;

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